We love to share innovative ways of living, compact travel products for outdoor explorations, Movable Homes on land and sea, Eco friendly and organic products, Exotic locations and more! Eco friendly solutions always make this world a better place. Econemo inspires adventure seekers all over the world to explore on land and sea! “Live your life as an outdoor adventure seeker that travels to special destinations!”
Econemo is also developing gear, products and clothing that is suited for people who care about our environment and love adventures! An Econemo web special is currently in production and we will take the viewer on an adventure to cool small and movable homes in different places. All products that we feature here on the website have been tested and tried by us here at the headquarters or by friends who can’t wait to tell us about cool things!
We will be adding more to our website monthly. Keep checking in with us!
Gina Nemo
Econemo Founder